A life-long romance with intrepidness and timeless design has given Beige Swimwear its essence as a brand. Through an elegant and feminine collection of couture swimwear with minimal modern cuts, Beige Swimwear is designed to empower women regardless of location to express themselves, their love of travel and their passion for classic design and turn every occasion into a sun-drenched escape to paradise.

Since beginning its journey, Beige Swimwear has deeply considered classicism art and fashion history. With the brand being one of very few currently partnering with the historically renowned Linton Tweed Couture Fabrics. Through this partnership, Beige Swimwear offers a high-end luxury design ethos, centred around providing women with intentionally designed and sustainable tweed which celebrates the beauty of couture and exclusive fashion.

Beige Swimwear is available exclusively online and only through our website.