Our Story

Inspired by oceanic shores and the renaissance era, the name and further on; the brand, Beige Swimwear, was developed to pay homage to the synergy between natural, historical and European architectural beauty. A trilogy of inspiration that has come about through an inherent love of travel and further paired with a passion for creating empowering wearables for women. 

Beige Swimwear offers a feminine collection of couture swimwear with an emphasis on fit, timelessness and cut. Celebrating the female form and the intrepid spirit within each of us. Each collection is carefully crafted from luxe fabric, blended colours and cuts while maintaining a commitment to minimising the environmental impact of such. 

Leading Couture Fabrics

Beige finds treasures in colours, landscapes, textiles and natural textures, all contributing to the uniqueness and balance within Beige Swimwear’s signature line. Each piece, much like the definition of Beige, aims to provide a balance of neutrality, calm and comfort while empowering women to for boundless journey.  

Through a careful consideration of how to best communicate in equal portion timelessness, elegance and classicism, Beige has engaged the historically renowned Linton Tweed Couture Fabrics, through this inclusion Beige offers a high-end luxury design ethos, centred around providing their niche market with intentionally designed and sustainable pieces which aim to counter the fast fashion industry and instead celebrate the beauty of couture. 

By Women. For Women.

Our goals as a brand are to continue to empower women and provide them with simplified elegance in terms of modern swimwear. To create pieces that combine femininity with oceanic spirit, island life ambience and the excitement of global travel. 

Our promise is to encourage, inspire and empower women for boundless journey through high quality, elegant swimwear that makes every day feel like a holiday.