Beige Swimwear: Holiday Body Contour with Rose Quartz

We all dream of having that effortlessly chic, pool side attitude where beauty and style come together in perfect synergy to create a level of elegance, fit for Mediterranean shores. Below, Beige Swimwear shares one of our absolute favourite beauty essentials, that always holds a spot in our luggage when jetting across to our next holiday destination. 

Whether it be jade, rose quartz or amethyst, Beige Swimwear swear by our body contouring which combines the ancient wisdom of acupressure with the modern artform of self-care. This immaculate tool is sustainable in design, infinitely re-useable, and perfectly sized for travel.

 Start by firstly placing your Gua Sha in the freezer for a boosted result and if contouring the face, we recommend firstly applying your favourite facial oil or mask for added hydration, and I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of extra self-love while traveling?

In upwards, gentle strokes, glide your Gua Sha around your stomach, derriere, under your bust, hips and upper arms. The solid stone helps smooth and soften skin, as well as move edema (fluid retention) that gathers throughout the day to provide an uplifted and contoured appearance that elongates limbs and improves collagen production.

This exceptional form of self-care is a quick and easy ritual that can take as little as five minutes and is best paired with Beige Swimwear's Gisella Brazil Pant. This flattering thong cut tweed bottom can be worn both above and below the hip line to further accentuate your perfectly contoured, runway ready legs!